The importance of IT tools in dealmaking must not be undervalued. The numerous research works state that using digital technologies does not only improve the speed and effectiveness of main business procedures, but is the only condition of keeping a leading position among competitors. One of the most advantageous technologies for business is a VDR. See which way it can help your business.

Virtual data room is the recent development that has earned the incredible demand within the last decade. Though initially introduced for dealmaking, it quickly became frequently applied in many different industries with the same success: clinical studies, fundraising, legal practice, real estate, biotech studies, etc. The main advantages of the software are its comfortable operation and confidentiality: parties are able to work with repository at any time any moment, from any location, and without concerns about the files security.

When it comes to choosing the virtual platform for performing deals online, it is most advised to get well acquainted with all the main characteristics and features it possesses in order to make sure the chosen VDR can surely benefit your users – more about vdr virtual data room. The most in-demand options to look for in a sophisticated platform are the following ones:

Information encryption

Various virtual services providers offer various security-related measures for ensuring the data safety, but data encryption is always among the most common ones. Encryption involves encoding the data stored in the VDR in order to make it unrecognizable for those users who are not authorized in the data room. This is the main anti-hacking step that is a necessary condition for all the VDRs. The variation can only be in the encryption standard used: the latest approved standard is 256-bit SSL, but 128-bit is impossible to hack as well.

Digital watermarking

If encryption is a protection from illegal data accessing, watermarking is a protection from illegal sharing. Digital watermarks attached to the files have the information about the document`s owners thus the rights can be fully protected. The watermarks can be dynamic and, in this case, they can store the data about the previous accesses.

Complex authorization

The most trusted way to protect the virtual data room from hackers is to limit their possibility of even accessing the documents. For this reason, many trustworthy VDRs use complex authentication , which supposes two stages: typing down a permanent password in a combination with typing down the generated code sent straightly to his mobile.

Activity monitoring and reporting tools

This feature does not only give a possibility to check what exactly happens in the repository, but also provides the information about the partners` interest in the transaction. Monitoring instruments which are used in a certain virtual data room mostly allow owners monitor the actions within the virtual repository and build conclusions about the most active parties. This information is especially useful for dealmaking when the result of the whole transaction may depend on the properly considered negotiations.

Permissions and restrictions

When there is a virtual repository, there is not any chance for process participants to view the improper documents. The VDR itself controls the work and can make certain files inaccessible for certain users. The necessary step that has to be done in advance is determining the permissions for individual users or groups, and they will be rigorously followed.

Questions and Answers section

The mentioned section has been specifically included to ensure online interaction between partners. This means of communication does not only allow to minimize time losses, but also increases the security of the discussed matters. To give an extra advantage, Q&A space might be equipped with the e-mail notification system and in-document linking which gives an opportunity to drag the files into the Q&A space.


Definite VDRs have standard interface which can`t be changed, the other give partial or full chance of customization. Together with changes in settings made by the users, the company which owns a VDR can introduce its desirable interface. To make the data room recognizable for existing and future partners, large corporations introduce their logo and company colors.

The listed functions are truly important for files protection and efficient working. While the first three ones are necessary for arranging the documents security, other four relate to the means of managing the information to make the deal fully controlled and advantageous.

A VDR is a software which can introduce a significant change in the way of storing data, processing transactions, and interacting with partnering organizations. If you feel the need for improving the quickness and effectiveness of your business procedures, start selecting the appropriate online solution right now and gain the benefits tomorrow.

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